Fair Play in Gen AI

Arttribute facilitates art attribution and licensing in generative AI

👩🏽‍🎨 For Artists

🔑 Control how your art is used

Upload your artwork and set your terms. Each artwork is uniquely marked to track its usage and ensure you get the credit you deserve.

👨🏾‍💻 For Builders

⚒️ Build trust into your AI applications

Enforce ethics in your generative AI applications. Our API handles attribution and licensing checks so you can focus on building.

🙋🏽 For AI Art lovers

🫡 Use art responsibly

Access art from verified artists, perfect for AI remixing for fashion, games storytelling, and more. Every artwork comes with clear specified terms.

How it works

Automatic Attributions

Arttribute is centerd around attributions, ensuring that artists get proper credit when their work is used in AI by automatically appending attribution details to AI-generated content.

Arttribute Licensing

Simple Code enforced licenses

Inspired by Creative Commons, Arttribute provides simple code-enforceable licenses for granting AI usage permissions for your work.

🎨 Artists upload artwork with terms

🙏 User Requests to use artwork

🤝 User makes an attribution & supports artist

🔎 Arttribute checks for a valid attribution

✅ Approve or deny the request to use the artwork